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Courses in Power Electronic Systems


Dr. Doug Hopkins

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Introduction to The System (1 hr.)

The history of the power electronics industry is briefly reviewed and discussion is given showing how components and circuits have evolved from selenium rectifiers to high temperature electronics.


Design for Safety, Standards, Certificates & Regulations (2 hrs.)

Nearly all designs must meet the scrutiny of UL, CE, CSA, etc. A discussion is given regarding which certification is required and what steps need to be taken.


Knowing Where Disaster Can Strike, Inductive Switching (2 hrs.)

Mother nature strongly objects to abrupt changes and easily provides excessive voltage transients, particularly when currents in inductors are interrupted. An in-depth look at the effects of circuit parasitics is given along with good design practices. This is an essential presentation to all in power electronics design.


Introduction to Switch-mode Topologies (6 hrs.) (Design included)

The workhorse of power electronics is switch-mode topologies. A Buck Converter design is used as an example to show the reality of switch design. Design calculations, predicted waveforms and component specifications are given.


Power Packaging Approaches (4 hrs.)

Power electronic circuits convert many types of energy, such as electric, magnetic and thermal. Why do only electrical designs? This presentation moves from physical specification through characterization of different packaging approaches and characterization of materials. Given is a comprehensive framework to identify packaging issues and is essential of all designers.

Total time: 2 Days or 1Day + 2 Half-Day Sessions, or 4 Days of course +consulting