Short Course and Consulting Proposal

Year 2002





Douglas C. Hopkins, Ph.D.


DCHopkins & Associates

Denal Way, m/s 408

Vestal, New York 13850-3035

Tele: 607-729-9949

Fax: 607-729-7129






Dear Colleague;


      Thank you for your interest in DCHopkins & Associates and for considering an on-site seminar or consulting. DCHopkins & Associates specializes in the complete development, design and fabrication of electronic energy systems. This includes power supplies, motor-drive modules, pulsed power, lighting ballasts, etc. Our unique specialty is high-density, high-frequency power electronic systems with particular emphasis on power packaging.

Founded in 1977, DCHopkins & Associates, a group of select individuals, offers a complete solution from electronic innovation to product production, including research, funding solicitation and marketing. Each individual has over fifteen years of experience as an industry leader and is well recognized through his/her technical publications and professional involvement.

We offer two course formats. One is a professional short course presentation, as you might receive at the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference or IEEE-WESCON. The other would be attuned to your needs. A “Complete Course Listing” is available. Also, see the “Suggested Outline” of learning modules for a two-day program.

Integrated on-site consulting can be provided along with regular course material. Combining half-day course work with half-day in-lab consulting is very effective in addressing focused company needs while providing more effective use of dollars from several budgetary sources. The consulting does not need to be limited to course related material. See “Pricing Information”.

I look forward to your call.


Dr. Doug Hopkins

“Complete Course Listing”

“Suggested Outline”

“Pricing Information”